Caught by the River

A Postcard from Kate Carr

Kate Carr | 27th August 2019

This just in from Kate Carr:

I realise I haven’t really been keeping you in the loop with all the things I’ve had on in London. So just a little list of upcoming stuff your followers might be interested in:

This blog just previewed my track for the upcoming Place Language compilation, with Robert Macfarlane, ahead of the launch gig which is now a two-day residency at Cafe Oto.

For my new radio show we have Chris Watson on the next edition airing on Resonance Extra September 8, where we are discussing sound and environmentalism.

I am in a show at Watermans art Centre in London called AirMatters which explores the airpspace surrounding Heathrow Airport. I am making a balloon soundscape orchestra. Just starting that now as the funding has come through. Opens October 9. I am releasing the balloons carrying the soundscape up to the airpspace limit above Heathrow Airport where they will take the natural soundscape of the area of Heathrow into the air, as a little inversion of how so often plane noise comes down to drown out these sounds.

Also just got confirmation I will be working with an arts organisation called Forma to undertake a soundscape project on Old Kent Road, its history and its contemporary position in London.

Just a few things to keep on your radar. I’ve had such a good run in London and lots of it comes down to getting a great start with CBTR when I first arrived.