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Jeb’s Jukebox

Jeb Loy Nichols | 26th September 2019

Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing
Lou Rawls
Capitol Records

This is one of those records I can’t pass up.  I buy it every time I see it. It keeps turning up and I keep coming back for more.  It’s never expensive and it’s always there when I most need it.

This record should be required listening to anyone who falls in love.  And I mean in love with anything.  A boy, a girl, a dog, a book, a house, a plate of pasta, an idea, a piece of land.  Love is going to rough you up. Love is serious medicine.

‘Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing’ is a stone cold masterpiece.  David Alexrod’s production, a groove that won’t quit, lyrics smarter than the day is long, and right there, front and centre, Uncle Lou, telling it like it is.

For every little kiss
there’s a teardrop
for every single thrill
there’s another heartache
one day happiness
next day loneliness
Love Is A Hurting Thing

I put this record on and look out at my pond.  The pond has, this summer, struggled. When the winter and spring rains came everything was fine; the ducks paddled around, the bugs skimmed, the dragon flies did their thing.  Everyone was happy. Then came July and we were in new territory, living through the driest summer on record. All bets were off. Suddenly, instead of a pond I’ve got a muddy hole.  No ducks, no dragon flies, no reflective surface. The water was needed elsewhere. I stood in my field thinking: who am I to be entitled to a pond? I fell in love with something and now here I am, having to deal with the consequences.

So I put on Lou Rawls.  Lou knows. Lou reminds me: why is a pond better than a muddy hole?  There’s no right or wrong. Don’t kid yourself that you’re in charge.  You get what you get and that’s that. Done.

Thanks Lou.


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