Caught by the River

Popstar’s Creek: a poem by Kurt Jackson

29th January 2020

I dreamt and thought and read
Of a quiet river
With mute mud flats
And shady wooded banks
While marooned in a sea
Of 70000 twittering people
A cacophony of fans
Waiting for their singer
In urban mania

A maiden voyage
For that old paperback
In that place
On my lap

Riverine timely tides
Rising and falling
While the crowd settled
And the lights went up

VI 2018 
Reading Frenchman’s Creek at an Ed Sheeran gig, Wembley


Taken from Kurt’s new poetry collection ‘Frenchman’s Creek’, available here.

An exhibition of Kurt’s paintings, titled ‘The Fonthill Brook’, is on display at Messums, Wiltshire, until 16 February. More information here.