Caught by the River

Shadows and Reflections: John Andrews

John Andrews | 7th January 2020

It’s time once again for the annual series of postings we like to call Shadows and Reflections, in which our contributors and friends look back on the past twelve months. From John Andrews:

The last post of the year, and one for Port Eliot. A year heavy in its passing, almost impossible to chronicle, always remaining out of reach. A year ending in day after day of rain, the Heath transformed into a mad web of springs, a valley of mud, the trees stripped bare, birdsong at night, the church bells muted by day, all our poets abroad, all our favourite saints on retreat. Old books foxing in damp boxes, a bottle of eight pound car boot port to end each night, a good year for the roses. No carp to spot in the mornings, basking as they did in summer under the oaks. Ditches to dig, fires to light, stones to turn, waiting for the auction rooms to open again. In the drawer a few photographs from the many, the oh so many, to remind us of that place where once upon a time the express train stopped and yes, if you remember, it was late July.

‘For All Those Left Behind’ Caught by the River Stage 2009 – our first Port Eliot
Rod and Line Pub – Wednesday nights, dog on the roof, fish and chips, Black Friday in the bar
View over the estuary – 6pm Eternal
Sunday Afternoon Coming Down – L-R: Jon Berry, Chris Yates, John Andrews, Charles Rangeley-Wilson Caught by the River 2011
Readers in the white tent, 2012
A paper bag for the soul, 2012, printed by Martin Clark
Deborah! a.k.a. The Empress of Arcadia
Fitch meets Jeff Uptown. Photo: Neil R. Thomson
John and Luke Jennings, the white tent 2012. Photo: Neil R. Thomson
Andrew Weatherall drinking tea, Trawlerman Style, white tent 2012. Photo: Neil R. Thomson
Neil R. Thomson talking ‘Phantom Fields and Ghost Squadrons’ with Chris and Maggie Watson. White tent 2012
Will Burns reading live on the BBC, 2011. Photo: Neil R. Thomson
Artist-in-residence Pete Fowler, painting in the morning, 2011
Port Eliot – oil on board, 2012 – Pete Fowler
Gruff and John talking about the American Interior in the company of John Evans – Caught by the River tent 2014. Photo: Neil R. Thomson
Tea Cosy Competition Winner 2014 made by Deborah! Still used today in memory of Michael Howells
Parker – band leader of the 78RPM Orchestra – taken on the last ever night at Port Eliot Festival, 2019
The late and much-missed Roger W. Barnes talking on Thames magic and meeting Muddy Waters. White tent 2012. Photo: Neil R. Thomson