Caught by the River

Rough Trade Books – Indoor Editions

31st March 2020

The excellent Rough Trade Books have announced the publication of their sixth series of pamphlets, with titles by Max Porter, Richard Phoenix, Briony Bax, and David Shillinglaw.

In It’s Going To Be A Bright New Day, Max Porter plays a back-and-forth game of ‘Would You Rather?’ with Bonny Prince Billy.

Starting out as a one-page manifesto and morphing into a story about the nature of live music, Richard Phoenix’s D.I.Y. as Privilege examines the author’s life, work, and experience of helping to create better arts spaces.

In poetry collection Lament, Briony Bax guides the reader through the process of living with and caring for a relative suffering from severe schizophrenia.

And in Mattress Mantras, artist David Shillinglaw collects together photographs of the mattresses he has inscribed with with spray-painted philosophical thoughts, literary quotations, or powerful invocations on how we might live.

These latest pamphlets come in addition to an earlier 34, including titles by Adelle Stripe, Emma Warren, Will Burns, Luke Turner, Jarvis Cocker, Salena Godden, and many, many other writers of whom we are big fans. You can peruse pamphlets new and previous here.