Caught by the River

The Owl

25th April 2020

Bevis Bowden introduces a new film from his ongoing ‘Observations from ISFRYN’ project.

Observations from ISFRYN is a record of seasonal sightings and a portrait of life ‘under the bank’. ISFRYN, which translates from the Welsh as ‘under the bank’ refers to an area of ancient common land and neighbouring fields in mid Wales. It is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). This is an ongoing project that offers an opportunity to capture extended moments – a sketchbook – of both wildlife and farming within the landscape they both inhabit.

There have always been Tawny Owls here. Heard but rarely seen, it nonetheless has been a reassuring presence. I have counted up to six individual owls on a single night calling during the winter months. Two years ago I bought an owl box and hung it in the large tree in the corner of the field.

This summer a single owl has spent the days high up in the canopy of the large tree.

Little appears to go unnoticed.

Filmed in mid Wales, July to October 2019.

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