Caught by the River


5th April 2020

We recently came across, and were rather taken with, images from Frances Scott’s Undertow, published by Another Place Press. The project documents the changing relationship between Scott and her home island of Orkney as she walks the coastlines of the archipelago.

From the publisher:

“An undertow is a current beneath the surface that sets seaward – something which will take hold of you and pull you in, but only if you make the decision to put your feet into the water. This book – a collection of photographs, handwritten notes and map-routes – considers the nature of belonging, and how it can be formed anew, by walking the brink where land meets sea.”

Find images from the book, reproduced with kind permission of the artist, below.

You can read more about the process of creating Undertow in this piece written by Scott.

Buy a copy of the book here.