Caught by the River

Bioluminescent Baby

24th June 2020

When better than National Insect Week for this collaboration between poet Fiona Benson and sound artists Mair Bosworth and Eliza Lomas to have buzzed in through our window?

Part of a collection of poetry sound pieces called ‘In the Company of Insects’, funded by Exeter University’s 2019 Urgency Arts Commissions, Bioluminescent Baby constitutes 16 original poems interwoven with field recordings and snippets of interviews with entomologists, scientists and researchers from across the globe. For each piece the artists travelled – bodily, or via zoom – to witness insect events, including cicadas emerging in their tens of thousands, and mass illumination of fireflies. Hear the ‘Mayfly’ piece below:

You can read more about the project, and hear the 15 other resulting poems, here.