Caught by the River

These Hills Are Ours

10th June 2020

News has reached us of two new films made by Bevis Bowden (whose previously CBTR-featured films you can see here.) These Hills Are Ours: Roseberry Topping and Clougha Pike were made in collaboration with the writer and performer Daniel Bye, who wrote:

With my friend and colleague Boff Whalley, earlier this year I led two separate projects in which a choir walked from the centre of a city, to the top of the peak overlooking that city. Along the way we sang an original song about the relationship between that place and its peak. Bevis made short films of both journeys. We think the films he’s made are beautiful, and I hope you will too.

As a matter of fact we do, and in turn we hope you, dear reader, will dig them too. The first film, of a journey from Stockton-on-Tees to Roseberry Topping, is below:

The second, journeying from the sea at Morecambe to the top of Clougha Pike, will be released tomorrow at 8pm:

Visit Bevis Bowden’s website here, and Daniel Bye’s here.