Caught by the River

Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World

13th August 2020

Today, Andrew Wasylyk releases the Tommy Perman-directed video for new song ‘Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World’ — taken from his upcoming album Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation, which is out next month.

The artist reflects: ‘While recording this new album, the late-great writer/artist Alasdair Gray sadly passed away. I found myself revisiting the inimitable epigraphs that run through Alasdair’s important mural work. I tried to keep those sentiments close while I took this piece over the finish line. In fact, the title is a play on Alasdair’s paraphrased “work as if you live in the early days of a better nation” — a line originally from Dennis Lee’s Civil Elegies (Toronto, Anansi, 1972). A paraphrased paraphrase perhaps? 

While global events took hold, Tommy and I discussed youth, nature and light (as well as hope) as the markers for our collaboration. Three symbols of optimism for the future that Tommy seems to have encased in an imaginary, almost Lynchian meadow within this video. This is for Alasdair.’

Tommy Perman adds: ‘The series of films I created to accompany Andrew’s new work inadvertently charted me and my family’s lockdown period and the mixed emotions of another transition in my life. ‘Awoke In The Early Days Of A Better World’ came at a fitting time and was a gentle, hopeful final piece to work on. 

Andrew’s music put me in mind of those beautiful mornings when you wake up feeling content and the room’s illuminated by the morning sun. It’s a celebration of being around to catch those sacred few hours of sun before the Scottish skies turn on their heel! Exploring the playful positivity within the song’s poignant sentiment, I arrived at the idea of a shimmering sun and pulsing moon singing along with the breathy clarinets. The film also stars my kids and a mini disco ball.’

Watch the video below.


Fugitive Light And Themes Of Consolation is out on vinyl/CD/digital via Athens Of The North Records on 4 September. Pre-order here.

Visit the website of director and artist Tommy Perman here.