Caught by the River

‘Winds Flowing Through Wheat Fields’

30th September 2020

a poem by Bréon Rydell

As a boy, I would often sit alone for hours in the countryside,
watching blackbirds fly, observing sheaves of grain sway to
the rhythmic whisper of winds flowing through wheat fields. I
revered stillness and sensed a strong connection with nature.
I also loved to explore wildlife and the deeper mysteries of
the cosmos, where I would drift into a heightened state of
consciousness . . .

Streams of powerful electrical impulses seemed to flow within
me. My body temperature cooled and my whole being would
start to shiver — I had entered the ‘in-between’ world . . .


Taken from Neu Reekie’s brand new #UntitledThree anthology, which features work from the likes of Bill Drummond, Jackie Kay, Jen Hadfield, Mallachy Tallack, Martha Sprackland and Will Burns. The anthology is accompanied by an album, with tracks by Denise Johnson, Hannah Peel & Will Burns, Lomond Campbell, The Nectarine No. 9 and The Vaselines, amongst others. Buy your copy here.