Caught by the River

Bare Knuckle

8th November 2020

A new instalment in Bevis Bowden’s ‘Observations from ISFRYN’ project focuses on boxing hares. Bevis writes:

‘The seasonal ebb and flow of the landscape, punctuated by the familiar, brings a cycle of wonder and discovery every year to this part of mid Wales. Boxing hares to me are synonymous with spring so it was with surprise that I saw two hares square off and do the rounds in early October.

It was just one of those lucky observations. I had been watching the hare for a number of hours anticipating its late afternoon move. The hare made the move but at some pace. I managed to follow it up the stream bed and finally caught up with it at the point the farm land edges the common land. Then through the fence I could see the other hare. I was not expecting what happened next.’

Watch Bare Knuckle below.

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