Caught by the River

Soundcamp 2021

23rd March 2021

The 8th annual Soundcamp is to take place “Off Grid” and outside, over the International Dawn Chorus Day weekend of 1 & 2 May 2021.

Whilst Soundcamp invite participants to listen and contribute streams internationally, Stave Hill urban ecology park will be the SC London base, from which the 8th edition of the longform radio broadcast Reveil will frame the global and autonomous activities.

Reveil tracks the sounds of sunrise from 5AM UTC+1 on the first of May, travelling West on live audio feeds from streamers on the Locus Sonus soundmap. It tunes to the sounds of weather, machines, migrating birds, air traffic — creating a collective soundwork lasting one earth day.

Many of the live streams come from soundcamps — small or larger gatherings set up to supply a feed and as a way to be outdoors on Dawn Chorus Day. Sites for soundcamps have previously included inner city green spaces, remote cloud forests, swamps and rooftops; anywhere things sound interesting. They have ranged from audiences of hundreds to soundcamps of one or two. You can use a laptop, phone or Raspberry Pi to send a live stream at daybreak from your location. 

In addition to the Reveil broadcast, SC London will host a program featuring Far Away Dance (ATOM), a DIY sound pavilion (PITCH2 – Public Works), the Acoustic Commons Study Group (Ella Finer), plus walks, talks, screenings, workshops, bat group, live and remote performances from parallel events in Ljubljana, Tokyo, Aix-Marseille, Barrow-in-Furness, Sunshine Coast, Black Forest. Booking for SC London opens soon.

SC8 is presented in collaboration with Resonance FM / Extra, Wave Farm WGXC, Flock Together, Voices That Shake!, Deptford Albany, Stave Hill Ecological Park and Russia Dock Woodland. 

You can register your interest to stream, set up a soundcamp, relay the broadcast, or otherwise help — and find more information — here.