Caught by the River

Edge: a poem by Don Domanski

9th May 2021


I’ve come to the edge of a forest that is capable of anything

wolves will not enter
but become ground beetles

and leave
this place is a turning point

the forest has lips and eyes and rivers

they all stop and wait

beneath me
worms turn the earth on its axis.


Taken from Don Domanski’s Selected Poems 1975-2021, recently published by Corbel Stone Press on what would have been the late poet’s 71st birthday.

Perhaps little-known in the UK, Don Domanski’s work – from the short, vivid lines of his early career to the long, expansive poems of his later years – was deeply engaged with the natural world, and often focused on the small and overlooked life beneath our feet.

Selected Poems is published in a beautiful hardcover edition of just 216 copies, with a midnight blue cover and metallic blue ‘Pleiades’ artwork, and is available to buy here. All profits from the book’s sale will be donated to the poet’s widow.