Caught by the River

Green at an Angle

16th May 2021

An extract from ‘Green at an Angle’, a book born of collaboration between artist Ben Sanderson and poet Rachael Allen.

I was following you into the green of your mind,
green at an angle, scaling up in colour, green of a still
shadow on the lattice of field. Light joins in a
continuum. Frequencies occur, a flash between my

In my head
time works
on a flattened
disk. I look out through stained
glass, a window
feeling, touching
my head and neck
for religious
lumps, I’m not sure
I have a deity in me –
lucid angel in
the soft glass –

I am the equidistant route from one to the other
a tree-slut, wearing a wig and sat like a crab
in the wayward ditch

‘Green at an Angle’ accompanies an exhibition of the same name; the first ever solo exhibition of Ben Sanderson’s work. Open now until 13 June at Kestle Barton. More information available here.
The limited edition book can be purchased for £10 + £2 p&p by contacting Kestle Barton (+44 (0)1326 231 811) and paying by card over the phone.