Caught by the River

Ration Books: A Rationale

5th May 2021

Words change with their setting.

To deny this is to deny the changing tastes of the same apple when sliced, peeled, baked, toffeed, stewed or scrumped straight from the tree.

Words change depending on their delivery, be it by book, kindle, phone, billboard, graffiti, magazine or handwriting.

Words can be tight or loose, light or heavy.


Reading changes with the setting: reading can be skimmed, full fat, deeply digested, misunderstood, all depending on how you are dressed.

Reading can be done at the same time for the same duration each day, not so much a diet, more a ration.

The reason for reading is rational.


Ration Books will not be numbered or signed by the author. Ration Books will be affordable, disposable, swappable, and readable. Ration Books will not appear as books to be read from a screen. Ration Books are made from concentrate. Ration Books are made on purpose.


The first three Ration Books titles, by Adelle Stripe, Bill Drummond, and Benjamin Myers, are available here for a fiver each. A further three titles are to follow in the summer.