Caught by the River

Unhalfwintering: an exhibition of musicians’ prints

26th May 2021

‘Unhalfwintering’ — an exhibition featuring original prints created by seventeen artists from across the UK, including Frances Castle, Tommy Perman, Lomond Campbell, Emily Scott (Modern Studies) and Andrew Wasylyk — is now open at the Kathryn Rattray Gallery, Dundee. These rescheduled dates run until 20th June 2021.

Tommy Perman has designed a poster with a fitting sentiment for the show: “It’s said Beech trees support each other through their roots. They help out the weaker trees, exchanging sugars through interconnected root system to the well being of their surrounding ecosystem. Those Beech trees most in need become stronger and then return the favour and encouragement.” 

A limited, numbered run of A3 reso prints of Tommy’s design will be for sale with all proceeds going towards the fine work of All work on show will be available to purchase, and the gallery will have a range of protective measures in place for the safety of visitors.

More information can be found via the Kathryn Rattray Gallery Facebook page. Listen to the exhibition’s accompanying Spotify playlist below.