Caught by the River

Some Interesting Apples: A Wild & Seedling Pomological Exhibition

12th September 2021

Artist and apple enthusiast William Arnold has issued an open call for hedgerow, waste-ground or wayside pomological specimens for inclusion in an exhibition of pome fruit at Kestle Barton, Cornwall, on 2-3 October 2021.

The apples will be subjected to public and expert taste trials to find noteworthy fruit for propagation and featured in the Some Interesting Apples photographic typology by William Arnold. The very best and very worst fruit will be grafted by James Ferguson and William Arnold onto the Good Apple & Bad Apple tree in the orchard at Kestle Barton.

Every apple grown from seed is unique, so this is an unusual opportunity to introduce new undocumented varieties to the public and to showcase the huge diversity of one aspect of the UK’s wayside flora.

‘Wild & seedling’ means domestic apples (Malus domestica) that have NOT been deliberately grown in an orchard or garden setting and are as far as can be reasonably assumed the result of naturally germinated seeds from a core discarded by humans or animals.

For information on how to submit your apples, contact

Further information about the project, and results from last year’s trial exhibition, can be found here.