Caught by the River

Cosmic Neighbourhood – Trees EP

27th November 2021

Today marks the start of National Tree Week: the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, which runs from now until Sunday 5 December. Across the country, people will be planting thousands of trees to mark the start of the winter tree planting season. We’re publishing tree-related posts all week in recognition.

Our first arboreal act is to remind you that Cosmic Neighbourhood’s Trees EP is out now on our record label, Rivertones. The Trees EP is a dizzy collection of monocultural melodies, all captured in a place where old growth analogue drones burrow down into the earth and the wispy riffs from rock-hewn synthesisers reach towards the sky. It is the sound of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop being plugged in after being left out in the elements for a season or two; an all-natural psychedelic voyage into the beating heart of the British countryside.

 Listen to track ‘Fir Hat’ below.

Cosmic Neighbourhood is the brainchild of Adam Higton, an artist, illustrator and musician based in North Yorkshire. Through a combination of collage, drawing, textiles and music, the work he makes is an ongoing documentation of the daily goings on of the Cosmic Neighbourhood – a mythical and mystical suburb where trees talk and leaves dance.

Trees is out now, and available to buy either digitally or on limited edition 7″ vinyl.