Caught by the River

Ancient Yew

1st December 2021

A track experimenting with the idea of plant as composer makes for perfect listening during National Tree Week.

Part of an ongoing body work being explored over Jason Singh’s 12-month artist residency at the Dartington Trust, ‘Ancient Yew’ is a recording made by that very tree which resides in a graveyard right in the centre of the 1200-acre Dartington Estate. Estimated to be around 1500 – 2000 years old, the Yew tree is an awe-inspiring celebration of time, transformation, longevity and incredible power of nature. 

The data was recorded on the 14th November 2021 at around 4.30pm using a MIDISprout device. The MIDI data was played though the UDO Super 6 binaural analogue-hybrd synthesizer. 

This recording is part of an ongoing work in progress which explores the concept of “plant as composer” and the collaboration between people and plants. 

50% of profits from all the music in the “plant as composer” series will go to a wide range of tree planting charities around the world.