Caught by the River

Arboreal Etchings

3rd December 2021

As National Tree Week draws to a close, wander through the atmospheric arboreal etchings of Blaze Cyan. All images courtesy of the artist.

Wellington Woods

Blaze writes:

‘I was born in rural Wiltshire, and now live and work in SW London.

As well as my own art practice I also teach etching, linocut, woodcut and wood engraving.

My primary subject area is landscape, and I work with mediums that I feel are very analogue and have a close relationship with a physical ‘making’ process, such as etching, drawing, woodcut and wood engraving. It’s also not coincidental that some of the materials used in these techniques are directly related to my subject matter. I have a particular fascination with ancient trees, the subtle portrayal of time and the beautiful but dark grotesque. My work begins as an exploration, and a love of walking, I am inspired by woodlands, forests, remote quiet places and characterful trees with anthropomorphic qualities. Trees can often transcend human timescales and ideas of mortality; they are removed from human concerns, exuding quiet serenity. The use of monochrome in my work creates an unnatural perfection, a visual incompleteness, transforming that which could be distorted and grotesque to appear strange and fascinating.’

Wellington Woods II

Dark Woods

Windsor VII

All these artworks and more are available to view and buy via Blaze Cyan’s website.