Caught by the River

Over Fields and Mountains

19th January 2022

There’s a gorgeous new Numero Group release on the horizon, and we can barely stand the wait. Over Fields And Mountains compiles tracks from Branko Mataja’s two incredibly rare albums, Traditional And Folk Songs Of Yugoslavia and Folk Songs of Serbja, and is to be released on 25 March.

The album’s press release explains: ‘With songs reaching out through time and space, Over Fields And Mountains captures a fascinating musical and personal journey of a man displaced from his native Dalmatia (now Croatia) during WWII who eventually ended up in Los Angeles in the mid 60s via time in a German labour camp, West Yorkshire and Canada.

Crafting handmade music on homemade guitars throughout the 1970s, Mataja taught himself to play in order to pay homage to his ancestral home of Yugoslavia, a place he would never return to except through these guitar meditations.’

Listen to single ‘Tebi Majko Misli Lete’ below, and then, if you’re anything like us, listen to it again and again and again and again.

You can find out more about the album release here.