Caught by the River

Solstice Late

25th June 2022

Stone Club co-founder Matthew Shaw looks back on the collective’s recent British Museum eventand towards to their upcoming Camp Good Life appearance, where they will consider the ancient sites of Wales.

In early April, just after the Spring Equinox, I received a message from Jeremy Deller asking if Stone Club would be interested in putting a summer solstice programme together with him for the British Museum. The ideas started to flow, aided enormously by dancefloor conversations at the first Stone Club night at the Social. Jeremy came down, gave us his Wiltshire before Christ film to show and then completely missed the gig he wanted to get to across town. So what happened? Well, a Druid blessing, a Heresy Fashion show, Zakia Sewell DJing to an enraptured audience dancing on the front lawn, talks from archaeologists Julian Richards and Seren Griffiths, folk horror revivalists Jim Peters and Hellebore’s Maria J Pérez Cuervo and authors Justin Robertson, Andy Burnham and Annebella Pollen. Then a series of films, many made especially for the night, from Jeremy Deller, Gwenno, Broadside Hacks, Stone Club, Brian Catling and Rose Ferraby. Jarvis popped up as a photobomber (apparently every Stonehenge photo needs one). Ancient horns were blown, Morris dancers danced, and Stone Clubbers became standing Stones and classical druids, Lunatraktors played live, sun salutations were offered and hope was in the air.

In September we’re excited to be bringing the summer solstice magic from London to Wales and Camp Good Life, just in time for the Autumn Equinox. The costumes are packed and ready and more are being made as I type this. We shall be joined by archaeologist, music maker and all round legend Rhys Mwyn, investigating the ancient sites of Wales, and exploring why these places matter, and how they can help bring joy fascination and adventure to our lives. We hope to see you there.