Caught by the River

Shadows and Reflections: David Chatton Barker

16th December 2022

Every year, we give over all of December (and usually most of January) to a series called ‘Shadows and Reflections’, in which our contributors share highs, lows and oddments from the past 12 months. Today it’s the turn of David Chatton Barker, who shares fragments from his notebooks.

Notes & Reflections

“My religion is to live – and die – without regret”
Deep within and beyond the body,
perhaps the dew may hold secrets for the spiders as shots of wonder for the imagination.
The dissection brings about a terminal closeness, with fear.
Ancestral messages
An old relic broken
Bow your spirit
This fragment
Infinite light.
Nature the law
Landscape the bible
Recalling all things we don’t know
The sky looks down
All manner of this ’n’ that
As I sit here in my gown
Angels flash from the north
Calling us to move forth
Impregnate the breeze
Stand tall like the trees
Become something absurd
Paw and beak
Hide and seek
Look with the eyes of love
Eternal now
The way
Your way
Horse rolling
The crevice comes calling
Mirrored whispers of light
Turn the night
Moth makes sense of the night
Bitten out of sight
Sign and symbol
Safe return
Watch it burn
Ash in urn
Dust of shadows
Wrapped in mist
All yield
Branch is best
Glide blind through darkness
It was all creatures…anything
The cracks beneath the cobbles
To the kept
People turned as one
So much to walk
Riveted by repulsion
From where to move. For words
Glance was the world
There to sit
Sky there was dream
Almost the only room across the bed
Had with breathing heart
And family bones
Knew there was no. Arms outstretched. That lived beneath the sky
Took a fall. Happy as the fool
Today is called eternity
Copy the river
No outcomes
No postcards
Built at an angle
Cut by the bramble
Root out and bring deft
Black barbed
Circle crease release divine devote
Dip to the season
Never alone
Stuck out of the earth
Faith no fear
Do the good that you know