Caught by the River

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25th February 2023

An excerpt from ‘False Dawn’ by Kate Carr.

A preview of a longer work, to be released in its entirety on 3rd March on Kate’s Flaming Pines label.

Kate describes it thus:

A foley forest of bird horns, frog rattles, bags of rice, bug clickers, bottles of water and squeaky toys awakens after a long dark evening.

I have spent a lot of time recording dawn choruses at many different field recording workshops. Never knowing what to do with all these recordings, I embarked on a quest to perform my own version of one in my studio. As such this work is an experiment in artifice, a forest I have breathed and gestured into existence via horns and whistles, rattles and squeaky toys.

This piece comes out of a series of live performances of dawn choruses I did in London as well as one in Vienna in 2022.

Pre-order here.