Caught by the River

Soundcamp 2023

19th February 2023

Soundcamp is a sound and ecology festival at places around the world on Dawn Chorus Day.

Locations are linked by Reveil, a 24+1 hour radio broadcast of live environmental sounds, sent in by streamers around sunrise.

Join them over the first weekend in May as REVEIL turns 10.

The dawn chorus loops the earth every 24 hours along the line of first light. Birds and other organisms create a wave of sound at a time when humans may be relatively quiet. They are accompanied by weather and machines.

A sound camp is a temporary gathering, probably outdoors, involving from 1 to maybe 100 people. It is a way to be out among sounds and share them.

Each sound camp includes a transmission point, or open microphone, sending live sounds of the location to the internet, where they are available on the Locus Sonus soundmap.

The Reveil 24+1 hour radio broadcast picks up live streams as the sun reaches each location. The broadcast happens on Wave Farm, Resonance, Tsonami and 20+ participating stations. It appears as a radio event at

In 2014 there was one sound camp. Last year there were 41. Together they form a light network of listening points at scattered places of acoustic / ecological interest.

See Soundcamp’s recent call for streams, soundcamps and radios here.

Find more information via the Soundcamp website.