Caught by the River

Welcome to the New Stone Age

2nd May 2023

Thank you to all who communed, processed, danced around the maypole and pressed their ears to stone at our Mayday! Mayday! event this past Saturday — helping us ring in not only the summer, but the New Stone Age too.

Thank you to speakers and performers Stanley Donwood, Danny Hammond, Lucy Jones, Ian Marchant, Beatrice Searle, Alex Woodcock, Stone Club, The Pillars of Wonder, Thee Bald Knobbers, Local Psycho and MC John Andrews. Thank you to interviewers and co-organisers Mathew Clayton and Julian Mash, Stella for the tea and cake, and Kev and Ruth for making sure everything ran smoothly.

All photos by Wendy Barrett except final image of the Gurdy Stone, by Danny Mitchell.