Caught by the River

Nature Girl

18th June 2023

Claire Todd, aka claro correcto, introduces a new audio accompaniment to her father’s childhood birding scrapbook.

‘Nature Boy’ is a written piece sparked by the rediscovery of my dad’s birding scrapbook, repurposed from an old maths book from the school year of 1948. A tribute to my late father, which was beautifully edited by Diva Harris for Caught by the River in September 2020.

Recently, I’ve been filming, field recording, and writing about nature, and Dad has very much been in my head. So to mark ten missed Fathers’ Days with Ern, I recorded and produced an audio birding scraptrack, entitled ‘Nature Girl’, to accompany a flick-through film of his birding scrapbook. The audio was created using field recordings from nearby fields and woodland, with synthesiser accompaniments, snipped and looped to emulate noodily birdcalls and retorts.

You can read ‘Nature Boy’ as published on Caught by the River here, or the full piece via Claire’s site.