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20th July 2023

‘The Stars In The Sky And The Stones On The Earth’ by Sewell and the Gong.

Taken from the Tonight We Fly E​​​.​​​P., out now digitally, and available on vinyl in September.

Sewell and the Gong is a musical project lead by Matt Sewell — visual artist/ illustrator & author; spotter & jotter of birds and the Deep Cut compiler of A Crushing Glow comps — in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and fellow astral-traveller Chris Tate.

The project’s Bandcamp page elaborates:

Matt’s acoustic guitar has been a fixture of his studio for many years, although nobody would ever of known as he kept it pretty much to himself. Over the years he developed a self taught, repetitive, finger picked style in hushed tones to not bother anybody. Just a quiet little part of his studio practise, calming looping melodies. Like his art his music is very much inspired by nature, earth magic and cosmic wanderings. His A Crushing Glow compilations are pretty much a defining list of inspirations. Never heard by anybody out side of the family home that all changed after Matt started working with Newcastle based multi instrumentalist, fellow pathfinder and astral traveler Chris Tate. Combining forces Chris helped build a beautiful world for Matt’s melodies to wander in, deep and lush and always, always positive. It only feels right that this music now gets to stretch its legs in the outside world.