Caught by the River

Symphony of Waste

8th September 2023

Rubbish Music — a project by Iain Chambers and Kate Carr — uses sound to investigate the journeys, transformations and impacts of our discarded objects. ‘Using our worn out treasures, empty vessels and broken devices as an orchestra of vivid musique concrète materials, we examine the worlds we make and destroy via our rubbish.’

On the 24th of this month at London’s Café OTO, they present The Symphony of Waste — a participatory concert of new work exploring the life cycle of everyday objects. From Production, to Distribution, Obsolescence, Decay and Recycling, the duo explore the creation, destruction and re-making of the objects we use and discard across five movements.

This work will be presented with a video score, allowing interested audience members to perform as part of the waste orchestra.

Tickets cost £10 in advance and are available here.