Caught by the River


15th October 2023

OMNIUM GATHERUM, a retrospective exhibition of prints by Stanley Donwood, is now open at Jealous Gallery, London EC2A, until 4th November.

Donwood writes:

While the Earth rotated and time passed in its relentless and dizzying way I made many pictures. Unable to stick to any one style, the nature of my pictures varied quite considerably both in emotional mood and aesthetic sensibility, ranging from ‘actually quite nice’ to ‘fucking depressing’. This inability of mine to settle into a recognisable and eventually familiar style was initially a bit frustrating, because it’s quite useful to be recognisable in a very crowded art world, but I’ve got used to it and pretty much accepted that it’s just the way it is; there’s nothing I can do. The exhibition will be composed of many, many framed works, which will be sold as seen – there will be the work on view that is for sale. Everything has been collected and selected following a major studio renovation, an event which has revealed many framed prints that I had almost-but-not-quite forgotten.

More information here.