Caught by the River

Shifting Landscapes

8th November 2023

From 1st-10th December, Emergence Magazine presents Shifting Landscapes, an immersive exhibition at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf.

The magazine’s editors write:

‘We have arrived at a threshold: a liminal space where the world we have known is coming undone and new configurations are still taking shape. When the glaciers perish, when lakes dry up and deserts flood, when our forests are on fire—these are transformations mythic in scale. As natural rhythms detach from their familiar contours, it becomes clear that our present ways of being in relation with the living world cannot hold. Within our shared grief at this unfolding destruction, a space is opening, beckoning us to remember that we are not—and have never been—separate from the enfolding Earth.’

Gheorghe Popa

‘Shifting Landscapes presents works by nine artists that open our imaginations to our entanglement with the biosphere, from the smallest stirrings of life within our bodies to the massive imprints we have left on the Earth’s face. Drawing us out of our human exceptionalism towards kinship with the living world, these works remind us of the deep interconnectedness of all life.

Bearing witness to the Earth’s rapid transformations, this exhibition invites you to see, touch, hear, and breathe—to feel into and participate in the spaces of connection and kinship that are held here. Immersed in the music of birdsong, the migration of microbes, the sounds of silence, the breath of a rainforest, might we remember ourselves as an extension of the changing Earth? What seeds of reciprocity, of abundant mutual care, might take root?’

Ben Romdhane

Shifting Landscapes features work by Katie Holten, Adam Loften, Kalyanee Mam; Marshmallow Laser Feast, Gheorghe Popa, Zied Ben Romdhane, Studio Airport, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee & Kiliii Yüyan.

Tickets are free but can be booked in advance here.

Katie Holten