Caught by the River

Spoken Word & Nature Disco Vol. 8

22nd January 2024

The latest in our irregular series of words-and-music mixes, Spoken Word & Nature Disco Vol. 8 – as premiered on James Endeacott’s Soho Radio show this morning — is now available for streaming.

Featuring spoken and musical tracks by treasured site contributors such as Matt Sewell, Claire Todd, Melissa Harrison, Chris Watson, Chris Yates & Rob St. John, it is the sound of a journey to the bird hide, or perhaps a crisp walk in the woods.

As always, this mix has been spliced together by our very own mysterious in-house mixmaster The Dubwood Allstars — originator of the evergreen Dylan-Thomas-dubwise 7″ ‘Under Dubwood’ — and artwork is by Matt Sewell. Listen below.

Local Psycho – The Hurdy Gurdy Song (Stone Club Remix)
Alec Shaw  – The Birdman
Florist – Red Bird Pt 2 (Morning)
Cosmo Sheldrake – Frigate Birds
Ted Hughes – Hawk Roosting
Leo Kottke – Owls
Patricia Wolf –  Springtime In Croatia
Liz Berry – Birmingham Roller
Group Listening – Jay (Thomas Ragdale remix)
Kes dialogue
Joe Woodham – In Syzygy
Oskar Sala – The Birds
John Haycock –  Reunify
Tiny Leaves –  With the Hollow at my Feet
Claire Todd –  Nature Boy vs Nature Girl
Lauri Halilkainen – Hen Harrier
Chris Yates – Hen Harrier
Michael Scott Dawson – The Sentimentalist
Chris Watson – Wood Pigeon
Sewell & The Gong – The Stars In The Sky & The Stones on the Earth
Rob St. John –  Midsummer (feat Andrew Wasylyk & Pete Harvey)
Melissa Harrison – The Kingfisher
Ronnie Ronalde – If I Were A Blackbird