Caught by the River


22nd February 2024

Soundcamp have announced the 11th edition of the Reveil broadcast, which will take place on International Dawn Chorus Day, over the first weekend in May.

Reveil is a collaborative sound and radio project that circles the Earth on live audio streams at daybreak. The last broadcast featured 145 streams from a wide range of environments and situations.

Many streams come from soundcamps: small or very small gatherings in places of ecological and acoustic interest. Last year there were 26 soundcamp in a variety of locations – rural, urban and in between. Reveil will be mixed from a hub at Stave Hill Ecological Park in Rotherhithe, South London, and stations in Tartu, Sunshine Coast, Chania and additional locations to be announced.

Find more information on streaming, joining or running a soundcamp, or relaying the broadcast here.