Caught by the River

Folklore Tapes: Ceremonial Counties

8th March 2024

Folklore Tapes introduce a new two-year project unfurling the folklore, myth and legend of all 48 counties of England.

Over the course of thirteen years Folklore Tapes have gathered together many like-minded artists, each seeking out new forms to reinterpret our collective past into the present. To celebrate this endeavour, we’re gradually unfulring a project to weave the folklore, myth and legend of the 48 counties of England into a patchwork of sonic exploration. 48 FT artists have been commissioned to accompany us on this magnetic pilgrimage, taking us firmly back to our DIY tape origins. We present a 24-month tape subscription series, uniting artists and folklore in a unique and expansive collective project.

Each tape can be collected individually per month or as one entire subscription. The 24x tape collection comes with a bespoke gold embossed housing box, research booklet and an A2 map.

Listen to Vol. 1, West Sussex / Cheshire below. Find more information / buy the tapes individually or as a subscription here.

Folklore Tapes · Ceremonial County Series Vol.I – West Sussex | Cheshire