Caught by the River

Swoop Sing Perch Paddle

19th May 2024

Swoop Sing Perch Paddle, an exhibition of bird pictures and other works by Carry Akroyd, opens at The Laurence Sterne Trust, Shandy Hall, York on the 8th June.

Carry Akroyd is a painter and printmaker living in Northamptonshire. Landscape and wildlife are her usual subjects, and as a keen bird-noticer, birds usually fly into her artworks. Accidentally becoming an illustrator, Carry has created black-and-white and colour illustrations for poetry collections, natural history books and many book covers. Her prints illustrate the long-standing Bird of the Month column in The Oldie, written by John McEwen — soon to be published in book-form by Bloomsbury.

The exhibition runs until 11th August. Find visiting information here. Visit Carry’s website here.