Caught by the River

Adrift on a Painted Sea

11th June 2024

Graphic novelist Tim Bird wrote to us recently to introduce his new book, titled Adrift on a Painted Sea. ‘It’s about my mum’s paintings of the sea’, he explained, ‘and the connection we, as a family, had to the North Yorkshire coast.’

Publishers of wonderful graphic novels, including many of Tim’s previous projects, Avery Hill are currently raising funds for this beautiful book on Kickstarter, where they further summarise:

‘Sue Bird was always painting: botanical art, landscapes, still lifes, and especially the sea. She took classes, kept countless sketchbooks, and filled the house with art. From their neighborhood to their family trips, all the moments of her life were memorialized in her artwork. Throughout her life, she never sold a piece — she gave art to family and friends, and shared her work online, but never received wider recognition for her work.

This graphic novel by her son, Tim Bird, explores their family life and her creative explorations through a mix of her paintings and Tim’s comics, depicting their relationship and her life from teenagehood to her struggle with cancer at the height of the covid pandemic. After her death, this graphic novel at last showcases her work.

At its heart a book about creativity and family relationships, Adrift on a Painted Sea tells a story about the things we overlook in the people closest to us.’

Get a sneak peek inside the book below. Help secure funding for the project here.