Caught by the River

A World of Care: Turner and the Environment

9th July 2024

Just opened at Sandycombe Lodge, Twickenham, A World of Care: Turner and the Environment reveals how J.M.W. Turner captured environmental and social developments that would go on to change Britain and the world’s climates forever — the first exhibition dedicated to this subject.

Highly attuned to changes in the landscape and atmosphere, Turner captured them in his ground-breaking paintings, drawings and engravings. Through his art, he documented plumes of smoke, burning furnaces, urban sprawl, deforested landscapes, overfishing and extreme weather. The exhibition will also seek to connect the changes that Turner was observing and capturing in beautiful works of art with changes to the environment that we are currently seeing.

Exhibition access is included in the cost of admission to Sandycombe Lodge, with advance booking required. A World of Care runs from now until 27th October. Find more information here.