Caught by the River

Caught by the River Teifi

Jeff Barrett | 21st August 2015

fforest, West Wales, 10-16 August, 2015

Photos by Wendy Barrett

Whichever way round you look at the map of Britain, fforest farm sits pretty much at the edge of it. Tucked away in the far west of Wales, it takes a bit of effort to get there, an investment of half a day at least if you’re coming from the Smoke. When you finally arrive in glorious Ceredigion though, it doesn’t disappoint. If you’re going all that way, what you’re no doubt after is pure nature, for mile after mile after mile. The kind of thing us city dwellers read about, dream about, yet get so little access to. fforest is just nature. There’s nothing else there. The mobile signal blinks in and out like the light from a distant star and the onsite pub feels like a shelter you’ve stumbled across halfway up a mountain on a cross-country hike. Although we’ve done festivals before, it’s something of an understatement to say the first Caught by the River Teifi was a trip well away from our comfort zone. (Robin Turner)

Nick Hand Letterpress Poster


Monday board

Nick bikeNick Hand with letterpress bike

Nick workroomLetterpress workroom

Nick workshop

Insect hotelPrints

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Tues board

Fly tyingBruno Vincent, Super Fly Guy

FlyAdventure session board

MattMatt SewellMatt workshop

Endeacott talkCampfire talk featuring James Endeacott and Richard King

Carl etc in tent

Jamesfforest founder James Lynch

Sianfforest founder Sian

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Pete workshopPete Fowler, Monsterism mask makingPete masks

Pete wearing mask

Anna Nina WillCampfire storytelling, Anna Wood, Nina Lyon, Will BurnsAnna reading

Nina reading

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Rob St JohnArtist and writer Rob St. JohnSound recordingField recording workshop with Rob St. John

Poetry workshopCreative writing class with Nina Lyon and Will BurnsFood board

HelenaHelena Turgel, leader of the scavenger huntHelena leaves

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Jeb courtyardJeb Loy Nichols on the Nyth courtyard stage at Cardigan QuaysideMeilyr

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