Caught by the River

Port Eliot 2015

Jeff Barrett | 8th August 2015

Port Eliot festival, St. Germans, Cornwall. Wednesday 30 July – Sunday 2 August, 2015. Photos by Wendy Barrett.


IMG_2853Roy Wilkinson presenting his annual Pop & Nature Quiz

thumb_IMG_2858_1024John, Deborah & Bruno (Carey the ever reliable sound engineer in the background)


IMG_2870Sunset over the Lynher

IMG_2902Lavinia Blackwall, Trembling Bells

AstleysFlorence & Virginia Astley


Marching bandHarlequin Dynamite Marching Band

Fumaca PFumaca PretaFumacaFumaca Preta

HootonHooton Tennis Club


Jane WeaverJane WJane Weaver

Lucy crownLucy sheepLucyBeckyEmilySheep guitarStealing Sheep

Pete d j ingPete drawingPete Fowler

Sat board

Bruno in the shirtbehind the scenes Bruno

Clive portraitCliveClive Langer

Emma : BrianEmma Warren talking with Brian ‘Awesome Tapes From Africa’ Shimkovitz

Awesome BrianAwesome tapesAwesome  tape decksAwesome Tapes From Africa

Sunday board

BlanketPaper plateNick Drake Remembered For A While

Andy GabrielleAndy Childs with Gabrielle DrakeCallyCally CallomonGabrielleGabrielle Drake

John and TrevorJohn Andrews introduces Trevor Moss & Hannah-LouTrev and Hannah

High tideCanoeHigh tide, Sunday evening. The show goes on.MoonA blue moon over east Cornwall