Caught by the River

Shop By The River

28th October 2008

Today sees the launch of the Caught By The River shop. In the last eighteen months we’ve spent a lot of time championing everything from books to floats; CDs to beer. We’ve wanted a shop on the site since the beginning and, as of today, it’s up and running. Your one stop shop for all things CBTR, we’ll have special discount incentives for subscribers (if you’re not on the honor roll, sign up today!), a book of the month; out of stock classics as and when we can get our hands on them; the occasional record that we love and items of exceptional beauty that might just come in handy (check out John Richardson’s handmade floats). We’re not going to overstock the stock – items are strictly limited – when they’re gone, we’ll probably move on to the next thing. Hope you like what’s in store, happy shopping.