Caught by the River

Beer of the Week

12th November 2008

Its taken me ages to get round to writing this quick blurb. Apologies, but I wanted to be 100% sure. In fact, a couple of other beers I was going to mention have since fallen by the wayside. They’re in my personal slops tray. Thing is, I try a lot of beer and I tend to like most of it. But liking it of an evening and then recommending it, as something special is different. However, a welcome addition to Cain’s Raisin and Orion (see previous caught by the liver) is Young’s Kew Gold. I can’t really put my finger on it, but it’s much better than other bottled ‘real ales.’ It’s smooth and refreshing, and tastes amazing. The after taste remains pleasant with no hint of bitterness. It really is wonderful. Trust me on this. Its 4.8% and quenches your thirst rather than leaving you bloated. Some of the proceeds go back to Kew Gardens, which truly is a wonderful place. You really can’t go wrong. Cheers, AW.