Caught by the River


Richard King | 9th July 2009


Got an email off our friend and contributor Richard King pointing us to an extremely worthwhile cause/highly enviable pursuit…

Hi Both,
Given rivers and the sea are mutually inclusive i though this might be of interest. Nick Hand, whose photos and designs grace the howies catalogues, is riding his bike around the whole of the British coastline, to raise money for the British Parkinson’s Disease Society, and, as he puts it ‘to find out more about the island I live on and people who I share it with”. He reckons on being done by October. Nick is recording soundslides of the trip and photographing those he meets on the way and is interested in meeting anyone who fits the description of artisan, tinker, fellow traveller, hoolie, poacher etc. So far among many others, he’s met a travelling bike theatre, the shrimp man of Southport and the pipe man of Porthmadog.
You can follow his aching limbs and get in touch via his excellent website and blog.
Given the topography of the UK it only seems right that the road will rise with him

Follow Nick’s adventure, please donate.