Caught by the River

Country Bizarre

25th September 2009

The Country
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Dear Caught by the River, …….Does anyone know anything about whatever happened to Bernard Schofield and Andy Pittaway who published the underground 1970’s British mag called Country Bizarre? It’s a fantastic mine of whimsy, love and simple living that’s a complete tonic and I reread my copy every now and then when the world seems like it’s going right off the rails. I recommend it and also The complete Urban Dweller’s Almanac with fantastic illustrations by Bettey Swanwick, Denton Welch and others. The two of them should be knighted for services to humanity and I’d love to know what they’re up to……

We were pleased to receive this mail from CBTR reader Su Scotting the other day and hope it prompts reply. Country Bizarre was a classic piece of underground press from the early ’70s which put itself on the front line of a self titled ‘Gentle Revolution’. “We are trying to put over to you, gently, all those lovely things that once enriched folks lives in the past. Their simple leisure and customs, their love and understanding of the countryside and it’s harvests, arts and crafts.” You gotta dig that.

Over to you lot. It would be great if this one ran. If anyone can help Su out please drop us a line. Here’s hoping.