Caught by the River

More (Country) Bizarre

28th September 2009

medieval picnics

following on from Fridays posts….

Jeff, That would be wonderful..I bought a copy of the Complete Country Bizarre years ago and read it periodically, I’ve also got “Country Bizarre’s Country Bazaar”by Schofield and Pittaway which is all about craft and I have the U.S version of it and the “Urban Dweller’s Country Almanac” just by Bernard Schofield and with his drawings in it. In the forward of Country Bizarre they say they meant to continue with it but there was a sea change in the country and it no longer seemed do-able. I think Schofield went on to write a book about gardens and Pittaway went on to write a book about the Whole House but between the two of them they created a whole network back then. It would be fantastic if you could reprint it on the seems so in tune with the whole slow living thing that’s never really gone away…the wonderful Betty Swanwick RA whose painting graces the cover of Selling England by the Pound by Genesis was a big supporter and contributed her drawings…she’s a very interesting person who designed railway/travel posters, did visionary paintings/drawings and saw the good in the Country Bizarre enterprise. I think Andy and Bernard deserve much credit for what they got up to back then and there’s still so much in their books that’s of interest now and it’s the spirit of the thing that’s important as with Caught by the River..we’re all on the same trail. Yep, post our letters by all means and I look forward to finding out more. Su.