Caught by the River

Country Bizarre update

8th October 2009

Hurrah! we got some feedback! If you missed the start of this thread, head back to September 25th and share my joy (though it is of course very sad to hear that Andy Pittaway is no longer with us). More to follow too…



I was put onto Caught by the River by my good friend Chris Pearson.
I was just looking over your site and found reference to Country Bizarre magazine. I worked for (sadly the late) Andy Pittaway for over 20 years and worked on many editions of the magazine. I was the (old-fashioned) paste-up artist on the mag for approx 8 issues late on in it’s life – I think until its end. It just never made any money. I still think it was ahead of it’s time!

As I mentioned, Andy died in his early fifties on Sept 15 2003, so your postings are strangely relevant. He was a graphic designer and all-round good bloke

Bernie Schofield was, when last I heard, teaching tap dancing in Brixton along with other bits and pieces. Lovely chap.

Even after the magazine stopped the two of the used to meet up in Oxfordshire (where Andy lived) a couple of times a year for ‘refreshments’.

It would be great if you could post this letter to update your visitors who have posted questions about the chaps. I will contact Andy’s son to see if he has any of his old books/magazines.

Kind regards

David Baker

PS: Chris also worked for Andy – small world, wouldn’t want to paint it, etc.