Caught by the River


1st October 2009


Dear Jeff

Thanks for the post regarding Roger Deakin on the radio. Although there are no links to the programmes, a cursory web search unearths the following of Roger Deakin’s radio transmissions:

Ramblings BBC R4: Clare Balding takes a walk in the company of writer and environmentalist Roger Deakin. On his home patch near Diss, they encounter the legend of St Edmund along an ancient droving road, rich in the season’s flora and fauna, tx 20 May 2005.

Nature’s Gentlemen, Part 2, ABC (Australia) Friday 16 February 2001
This week, Roger Deakin speaks to English author Ronald Blythe, another writer whose passion is his surroundings. His biography of the Suffolk Village Akenfield, written in 1970 was recently re-published as a Penguin Twentieth Century Classic. He has written many books over the years, as well as short-stories, poems and critical works on Thomas Hardy, William Hazlitt, Henry James and Jane Austen.

In addition, these are some of the TV docs Roger made (maybe someone has copies):

A Beetle Called Derek (1990)

The Ballad of the Ten Rod Plot, Anglia TV, 1991 (about allotments)

Stable Lads, Anglia TV, 1995

Be nice to draw up a comprehensive radio/filmography of the broadcasting Roger Deakin did (and especially any links to the work itself).

All best

Neil Sentance