Caught by the River

Radio Times – Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees.

31st January 2010

For fans of the late, great patron saint Roger Deakin, this looks rather interesting.
At 2pm, each afternoon this week, BBC Radio 7 are broadcasting five, fifteen minute programmes, under the heading Wildwood: A Journey Through Trees.

I think it’s actually the 2007, Book of the Week programme from Radio 4 which was read by Sean Baker. Here are the details from the website;

1st Feb. Roots. 1/5. Nature writer Roger Deakin’s poetic travelogue starts with Suffolk in springtime.

2 Feb. Sapwood. 2/5. Nature writer Roger Deakin looks at moths with a group of Essex insect enthusiasts.

3 Feb. Wood Jazz. 3/5. Roger Deakin is in North Wales to celebrate the living outdoor sculptures of David Nash.

4 Feb. Driftwood. 4/5. Roger Deakin looks at forest birdsong in France and hunts bush plums with Aboriginal women

5 Feb. Heartwood. 5/5. Roger Deakin visits a library full of apples and returns home to lay a tree hedge by hand.