Caught by the River

Country Bizarre Issue 11

8th April 2010

The Final Issue. Spring 1973.


In this issue……making your garden a bird reserve….english cheeses…..medieval picnics…..lichen dyeing…..the end

Country Bizarre Issue 11. Click HERE to view and download.

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This farewell issue is brought to you exactly thirty-seven years after Bernard and Andy originally published it. The guys went on to put out a book, ‘Country Bizarre’s Country Bazaar’ in 1974, followed, in 1976, by ‘The Complete Country Bizarre’, a bound version of the eleven magazines. Both of these are easy enough to find on e bay or Abe books.
In 1982 they came back with another magazine, ‘Country Bazaar’. This time, with some backing, they basically took the ‘Bizarre’ vision and added higher production values. Although mainstream success eluded them they did still make it to twenty-five issues before calling it a day. These, I’m afraid to say, are incredibly hard to find. Bernard very kindly gave me a bunch of his spares and I will treasure them forever (whilst going nuts trying to find the missing issues). I wish we could archive them too, but right now that’s not possible, we just don’t have the time to scan them all, never mind the space to host them. One day. With that in mind, I would like to thank Martyn Burns for his remarkable dedication to making this archive happen. Those long hours at the scanner will be rewarded with a medieval picnic or two as soon as we get to summer. (JB)