Caught by the River

The World of Andrews of Arcadia

John Andrews | 21st April 2011

A Tented Installation of Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul
The World of Andrews of Arcadia – A Tented Installation of Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul will be situated in the Caught by the River Field at this year’s Port Eliot Festival between Thursday 21st and Sunday 24th July.
The installation will be created and hosted by John Andrews a.k.a ‘Andrews of Arcadia’ and is intended as a journey to Arcadia via Angling for all those visiting Port Eliot. Its nature will change between day and night. During the day visitors will be able to browse over glazed cabinets featuring angling curiosities from the past incorporating ‘The Festival of Cardboard, Tin and Other Materials’ – a celebration of fishing tackle packaging and presentation in the 20th Century, and ‘The Electric Bite Indicator Choir’ – a silent ensemble of historic electric bite indicators dating from 1953 to 1980.
In addition to this there will be a wall of cased fish and an exhibit centred around ‘The World of Efgeeco’ including the ‘Amazing 1930’s Goddard Dog Bed’ which will be available for tired dogs at the Festival to sleep in on a first come first served basis. Visitors will be able to hire a rod and reel from a limited number brought down from John Andrews’ stall at Spitalfields in the district of east London for fishing on the Lynher River. They will also be encouraged to take a book out from ‘The Lost Angling Library of Arcadia’ to read during the course of the Festival. ‘The Lost Angling Library’ was inspired by the artist Robin Turner’s ‘Mobile Village Green Appreciation Society’ a.k.a Roam and will be made up in part of books salvaged from Public Libraries which have been closed down. During the day there may also be impromptu readings from the Library by John himself and the other angling writers who are performing ‘Words Under Water’ on the Caught by the River Stage on Sunday afternoon, Chris Yates, Charles Rangeley-Wilson and Jon Berry. At night the tent will screen lost silent angling films and in between showings a perpetual Andrews of Arcadia slideshow consisting of a loop of items of Vintage Fishing Tackle for the Soul. When it is closed the installation will be guarded by a cased pike and the spotlit skeleton of a Leney carp. All enquiries may be directed to John Andrews who can be reached in advance and during the Festival on field telephone 07980 274 383 or by e mail
John will be posting daily blogs whilst at Port Eliot at
Outbreaks of interest occurring at The World of Andrews of Arcadia during the Festival can be traced via Twitter at!/AndrewsoArcadia.
Caught by the River at Port Eliot festival.